Satan’s Apprentices

The following news article suggests that the Biden administration has abandoned any connection to Judeo-Christian ethics and classical western civilization.  It appears that they have linked hands with the Devil.  How can any professing Christian support these idiots? 

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the United States State Department recently contributed financial support to a queer film festival in Portugal that featured films on drug culture, incestuous siblings, and sexual relationships between adults and minors.  The funding was part of the Biden administration’s efforts to promote international acceptance of the LGBTQ community and is in line with other administration initiatives to promote LGBTQ causes both at home and abroad.  At the same time, the DOJ has issued guidance to extend Title IX protections to persons identifying as transgender or bisexual.  That extension, however, is being litigated.  In another field of the ongoing culture war, even as the Biden State Department and DOJ  pursue LGBTQ affirming initiatives, the Democrat controlled House of Representatives was voting to codify Roe v Wade – essentially legalizing abortion up to the moment of birth.

Biden and his Democrat cronies are out to change the face of America.  Goodbye Uncle Sam,  Goodbye Lady Liberty.  Hail the new transgender or binary hero or heroine, whatever its name; and hail to Moloch, the god of infant sacrifice.

I will fight against these evil people till my dying breath.  

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