The World’s On Fire

With the raging heat wave in Europe and America there will be renewed calls for immediate and drastic action against climate change.  Unfortunately, nothing can be achieved over the short run.  If human activity is a prime mover in climate change, as most scientists believe, it took years to get ourselves into this mess, and it will take years to get ourselves out.  Also, any effort on our part must be matched by efforts of other nations if we are to have any chance of success.  Pursuing anything other than a coordinated international program (enforced) is like spitting into the wind.

Of course, the progressives don’t want to hear this.  They thrash out wildly like men possessed, and in their madness they would destroy America’s economy with no significant impact on global warming.  

3 thoughts on “The World’s On Fire

  1. China, India and Africa are NOWHERE to be found in the current discussions of global climate change. Yet they are some of the largest polluters in the world and their pollution levels are continuing to rise. Rapidly, I might add! I for one am not willing to sacrifice my standard of living on the alter of global warming so that other countries and other large regions of the world can continue to pollute.

    The war against global warming is already lost; unless ALL countries and all regions and all societies and all industries on earth participate; without exception.


    1. You are correct, Joe. My son Stuart offered the following observation:

      “An easy way to get China and India quickly on board would be coordinated action to cut off US and European markets to goods from these two countries unless and until they implement immediate steps for reducing greenhouse emissions – not allowing them to kick the can down the road for another 30 years.

      “Of course, such action would probably put Walmart and Costco out of business too, which is why nothing likely will be done. A brief glance on where products are made will confirm that China now produces the vast majority of our TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and other electronics, while India produces many of our textiles.”


      1. Just off the press!!! China just approve a half-billion dollar coal mining project.


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