Assault on Innocence

I often observe instances in which enemies of traditional values foist destructive social views on an unsuspecting audience.  This is especially true of the entertainment industry, and I believe the practice to be quite pervasive.

Let me provide one small example.

I enjoyed the 1990 movie Kindergarten Cop.  It was a fun show, and I’ve watched it several times.  The hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a policeman working undercover as a kindergarten teacher, and the situation provides many opportunities for humor as well as romance.  Unfortunately, the Hollywood writers also exploited the opportunity to insert some bizarre notions about the sexual proclivities of kindergartners.  One little fellow introduces himself to his new teacher by soberly announcing that “Boys have a penis.  Girls have a vagina.”  He must think this observation is quite profound since he later repeats it to a second teacher.  Meanwhile, his five-year old male classmate is moving rapidly around the room looking up little girls’ dresses.

Is this typical kindergarten activity?  I think not. I believe it reflects the depraved minds of many denizens of the film industry.  They put their own thoughts into the words and actions of these little actors.

Much ado about nothing?  Perhaps so.  I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a prude.  But this sort of thing is pervasive, and over time it has a cumulative and deleterious effect.

2 thoughts on “Assault on Innocence

  1. Kids always test the boundaries they’re given. Prudent rules, restrictions, and guidelines are wise and are typical of loving parents; necessary to raise moral and self-disciplined individuals.

    Make certain your children feel loved and that they know there are consequences to wilful disobedience. Worked good.


  2. This is sort of kindergarten age anything-goes sexual training is exactly why Florida passed the so called “Don’t say Gay” law recently.


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