Happy Fourth

Happy 246th birthday, America!

Our nation appears more divided than at any time in my memory, and I’ve been around 93 years.

Last evening I listened to two historians discuss the current state of division in America.  One of them appeared to believe that it was no great matter.  After all, he said, America has been divided for most of its history – the Federalists vs the Democrats, the abolitionists vs the slaveholders, the isolationists vs the internationalists, etc, etc.  The times of true unity have been rare.

To some extent the professor is correct; however, I believe the present division is deeper and more dangerous than any since the Civil War.  In the past, we may have differed on methods and strategies and immediate objectives, but the goal was always the same – a prosperous, united nation living under the banner of Christian brotherhood. 

Today an increasing number of citizens, especially those of a “progressive” persuasion, are attempting to remove Christ (and Judeo-Christian teachings) from the equation.  In so doing, they are ripping the heart out of our nation.  The American people no longer have a common goal.  There is no vision. 

Each man does what is right in his own eyes and seeks only for pleasure.

It is a dangerous time for our nation. 

Be prepared to stand up for what you know is right.

And may God bless America.  

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