It saddens me that I have lost my faith in the Federal Department of Justice and the FBI.  I am certain many good persons are still working in both organizations, but there must be corruption – especially at the top.  How else can we explain the fact that opponents of the current administration are often subjected to arrest and prosecution on the flimsiest of charges, whereas someone like Hunter Biden, apparently guilty of serious collusion with America’s enemies, has not been officially charged with anything?   Thirty months have elapsed since Hunter’s laptop came into the possession of FBI agents.

Can anyone explain the delay? 

I’m still waiting.

2 thoughts on “Justice?

  1. These posts are just really sad and delusional. Tune into the 1/6 committee hearings. Watch and listen to all of the witness, each of whom are die-hard Republicans. Examine the countless recounts and audits of the ballot machines. Look at the results of the fake audits performed in Arizona by Trump supporters who couldn’t find a flaw with the system and who found a few MORE votes for Biden than the original count.

    It never ceases to astonish me how ‘all-in’ Trump fans are for a man who has swindled his way through life, called for the violent overthrow of the electoral count. Who encouraged his supporters to go after Mike Pence—a man who never contradicted Trump until he was asked to do something illegal.

    You people will go to your grave screaming about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Did it occur to you that they didn’t find anything on it but that they’re investigating other things like possible tax evasion issues? Maybe they found things you didn’t expect and are investigating them. Kind of the similar tax skirting that extraordinary wealthy Republican backers consistently do and want expunged from the records? Don’t believe me? Just read David Koch’s platform when he ran for president in 1980. He had the elimination of taxes and exemption from past owed taxes on his platform. As well as elimination of the Postal Service, Social Security, Medicare, the SEC, EPA. Every single part of government that keeps us safe. Heck, you likely draw Social Security and Medicare. So the people you’re fighting for have huge plans to get rid of all of the above, just so you know.

    Just look at the past month’s Supreme Court decisions. Read the Washington Post. Read. Read Read something other than crazy, right-wing publications whose lies have eroded this fabric of this country. Rush Limbaugh might be dead, but his lies have spread and infected minds like yours.

    Emma Brody


    1. Thanks for the comments, Emma. I actually enjoy a good exchange of information and opinions. I do not consider myself an extremist or a right-wing nut. I try to look at both sides, but with all the contradictory news sources it is difficult to discern the truth.

      You know much more about Koch than I do, and I would never vote for a platform such as the one you say he supports.

      I subscribed to the Washington Post for years but finally gave up it because of their slanted news coverage. I like balance. I doubt that you are getting it.




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