D-Day: Another View

We have examined the D-Day battle in excruciating detail over the years, but let us look at it from another point of view.  Why were we there?  Why were we willing to spend thousands of American lives to invade Europe and fight the Germans?

Far removed from the beaches of Normandy, in a place called Auschwitz, the ovens were running full blast that day.  The crematoria had an estimated daily capacity of 4400 bodies, but the numbers gassed and immolated varied from day to day, and sometimes that number was exceeded.  The elderly, the sickly and infirm, women with young children, and unaccompanied children were especially vulnerable.  The overwhelming majority were Jews, but gypsies and Jehovah’s Witnesses also suffered grievously in proportion to their numbers.  All over Nazi occupied Europe there were other death camps, though none quite so deadly as Auschwitz.

Nazism was a horribly evil stain on the face of humanity.

That was the reason for D-Day.   

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