Wading Into the Swamp

There may be some of you who doubt the existence of the swamp.  Perhaps the following facts will change your mind.

Michael Sussmann, former lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign, is on trial for lying to the FBI in late 2016 as he attempted to sabotage the campaign of Donald Trump.  The person he lied to was FBI General Counsel James Baker.  Sussmann and Baker were friends, both having worked together in Obama’s Department of Justice under Eric Holder.

The Judge presiding over the trial is Christopher Cooper.  He was in a law firm with Holder, served on President Obama’s transition team, and then worked in the DOJ with Sussmann and Baker before being appointed as a Federal judge.

Cooper is married to Amy Jeffress, former National Security Counselor to Eric Holder and now a lawyer in private practice.  One of her clients is Lisa Page, former FBI lawyer, best known for her role in the Russian collusion hoax.

Merrick Garland, present Attorney General and boss of Special Prosecutor John Durham, officiated at the wedding of Christopher Cooper and Amy Jeffress.

Jake Sullivan worked with Michael Sussmann on Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff and was instrumental in spreading false information about Trump – Russian collusion to the press.  He now serves as President Biden’s National Security Advisor.  His wife, Maggie Goodlander is counsel to Attorney General Garland.

Special Prosecutor Durham may be a fine man.  I have no reason to believe otherwise.  As you can see, however, he is wading into a sea of crocodiles, denizens of the swamp, all of whom appear to have close interpersonal relationships.

Is it possible get a fair trial in these circumstances?

Why hasn’t Judge Cooper recused himself?

(I’m indebted to an article by Howie Carr,  newspaper columnist and radio host, for information on relationships between those persons involved in the Sussmann trial.)  

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