An Electoral Travesty

The 2020 Presidential election is one that will live in infamy.  No matter whom you supported, an honest examination of the facts will show that there may have been voter manipulation and cheating on a hitherto unprecedented scale, particularly in certain swing states.  Honorable men may differ in their opinion as to whether the chicanery was of sufficient magnitude to tip the outcome in favor of Biden.  Personally, I believe it was, but we may never know the truth.  Also, we remain uncertain as the extent to which existing election laws were violated.  Perhaps the Democrats changed the rules and stole the election fair and square. Fair or not, we live with the results.

Early in the campaign something happened that could have completely altered everything that followed.  In December 2019, an abandoned laptop belonging to the Joseph Biden’s son Hunter was discovered in a Delaware computer shop and turned over to the FBI.  The contents of that laptop were not immediately understood, but over time it became apparent that the laptop contained evidence of corrupt activities on the part of Hunter and other members of the Biden family – including father Joseph.

The FBI had that laptop for ten and a half months before the 2020 election and revealed nothing about what was in it.   We later learned that the computer shop owner had made a copy of the laptop contents and turned it over to Rudy Giuliani.  Giuliani then passed a copy to the New York Post.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Presidential primaries went forward, and in April 2020 Joseph Biden  became the presumptive Democratic nominee to face President Trump in November. The Democratic Party convention made it official in August., and the campaign for President went forward at full tilt.  Donald Trump had the unwavering support of American conservatives  and traditionalists.  The progressives were not enthusiastic about Biden, but they were united in their hatred of Donald Trump.  The liberal news media and the tech giants such as Facebook added their massive influence and financial support to the effort to unseat the incumbent President.  Some reports say that Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg alone contributed 400 million dollars or more to the anti-Trump campaign, a truly enormous amount.  As election day neared Biden appeared to be somewhat ahead, but several key states were difficult to predict.  Zuckerberg paid operatives were especially active in places like Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin, and the outcome in those pivotal states remained very uncertain.


On October 14 the New York Post published some of the information that it had extracted from Hunter Biden’s laptop.  The published material showed that Hunter had been heavily involved in highly questionable activities in the Ukraine and China, and Hunter had used his father’s position as leverage. There were also indications that Joseph Biden himself may have reaped financial rewards from Hunter’s Ukrainian and Chinese connections.  A few days after the  New York Post exposure, a degree of corroboration was provided by  Tont Bobulinski, former associate of Hunter Biden, when he appeared on the Tucker Carlson show.  Bobulinski affirmed the validity of some information on the laptop, and he implicated both Hunter, Joseph Biden and Joseph’s brother in an apparent influence peddling scheme involving Chinese Communist Party operatives.

America’s  liberal news media fell on this story like a load of wet concrete.  Rather than investigate, they attacked.  Rudy Giuiliani was an easy target.  They also attacked the New York Post newsmen and the Delaware computer shop owner.  Eventually, however, they all settled on the conclusion that the laptop was the product of a elaborate Russian disinformation campaign.  In their collective wisdom, it was obvious to them that Vladimir Putin was interfering in our Presidential campaign to ensure that his old buddy Trump remained in office.  Because of this ridiculous assumption, and without investigation, virtually every major news service, including the supposedly non-partisan NPR, sat on the story.  Many Americans knew nothing about the laptop until after the election.

Meanwhile, the election campaign went forward.  In late October, during a Presidential campaign debate, Trump brought up the laptop, but Biden dismissed it as being part of a “Russian disinformation” operation.  To buttress his contention, Biden could cite a supporting letter from former intelligence officials stating that the laptop revelations had all the marks of Russian disinformation.   Of course, none of these officials actually examined the laptop.

Finally, in March 2022,  the truth has finally begun to seep out. The liberal news media was the source of disinformation, not the Russians.  The laptop does reveal some sad truths about the Biden family’s corrupt activities, and even the New York Times now admits that the laptop is no fabrication.  Unfortunately, I’m not certain that anything will be done about it.  The FBI has had possession of Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop for 27 months, and still there have been no formal charges against the man. The Department of Justice appears to be moving very slowly and with extreme caution in its investigation, and I am very unhappy to admit that I no longer trust them to do their duty.

Former Attorney General William Barr recently said that Joseph Biden lied in the October 2020 presidential campaign debate when he told Americans that the laptop containing damning evidence of his complicity in an international family influence peddling scheme was Russian disinformation.   Barr said he did not speak out at that time because he did not wish to interject “a criminal investigation of one of the candidate’s children into the race when there had not been any definitive judgement over at the Department of Justice.”

Why had there been no definitive judgement?  The FBI had the Hunter laptop as early as December 2019, and the bureau has some of the most experienced computer forensic experts in the world.  Also, they had access to the testimony of Bobulinsky and others.  The liberal news pundits were not the only ones to sit on this story.  I believe Trump hating bureaucrats in the DOJ were also guilty. The evidence of Biden family corruption should have been revealed to the American public long before the November 2020 election, and there is little doubt that it would have changed the outcome. 

Our nation is paying the price for this electoral travesty.

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