I believe senior members of the Democrat Party have been ingesting something akin to locoweed.  Whereas locoweed’s toxic effects appear to be confined principally to cattle and horses, this noxious variant is having a profound effect on Democrat leaders, all of whom who are evidently consuming it in large quantities.  How else can we explain the insane actions of President Biden, Vice President Harris, Speaker Pelosi, Senior Senate Democrat Schumer, and others?  Their continually ill-considered and destructive decisions cannot be natural.

As a sad example, there are reports Biden administration is now considering the distribution of crack pipes as part of its disease reduction program and to reduce racial inequity.  I pray that the report is not true.  A few years ago Senator Biden was pushing mandatory five year sentences for those caught smoking cocaine loaded pipes.

Locoweed appears to be the only plausible explanation for such a drastic change in Biden’s attitude. How else can we understand such an excessive manifestation of stupidity?

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