God Talk 6

In previous posts I discussed the wonders of our universe and the equally fascinating mysteries of the sub-microscopic world.  It appears that every day brilliant scientists discover more information about the intricacies of God’s creation.

One fact that astounds me is that many of these scientists seem to believe that all of these wonders came into existence without some directing, benevolent intelligence.  I appreciate that they must leave miraculous interventions and explanations out of their theoretical suppositions, but they should be willing to admit the probability of a divine presence at the center of all creation. Their minds are simply not open enough to encompass the reality that God is our creator, and their prideful hubris prevents many of them from acknowledging this fact.

Christian scholars believe in God, but intellectual conceit sometime leads them astray as well.  There are theological academicians who seem to think they can fully understand and explain all the ways and mysteries of life.  Truth is, no one can truly comprehend the mind and majesty of God.  As the Apostle Paul wrote, “We see through the glass darkly.”  Truly effective Christian teachers and philosophers should share what they understand about God’s gospel of love in a spirit of humility and compassion.     

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