Pressure to Convict

I would hate to be a juror in the Chauvin trial. Some members of the mob outside the courtroom are threatening fire and destruction if the jury fails to convict Chauvin.

 I do not think Chauvin intended to kill Floyd, and the victim probably died from a drug overdose   

I saw a detailed composite video of the entire episode, and one could clearly see that when Chauvin forced Floyd onto the ground the prisoner was able to raise his head even as the officer’s knee was on his neck.  In other words, Chauvin was not exerting much pressure.  Nevertheless, Chauvin continued to keep his knee on Floyd’s neck long after the man appeared comatose.  Chauvin exhibited extremely poor judgement in the way he handled things, and its possible his actions may have contributed to Floyd’s death. Appearances were terrible, and a manslaughter verdict may be justified. 

But would a manslaughter conviction satisfy the mob?

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