A Good Book

I love a good book.  Almost every evening after going to bed I read for an hour or so.  It’s not heavy reading.  Sometimes I read a bit of history, but usually it’s a novel.  If it is a truly good one, I will probably read it again at some future time.  Some books I have read again and again, and I enjoy them each time anew.

Occasionally on this blog I will recommend a book that I found particularly entertaining.  Today I would like to recommend Trustee From the Tool Room by Nevil Shute.  It’s a odd title but a really good story – out of print, but you might find it in a used book store or big library.

Nevil Shute wrote a number of excellent novels.  Perhaps you remember A Town Like Alice.  Shute lived most of his life in England but migrated to Australia after the World War II.Many of his stories are set in the land down under.

Read Trustee From the Tool Room.  You’ll like it.

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