Bind Their Wounds

I remember a brother in the faith who once remarked that Christians often shoot their wounded.  He was absolutely correct.

This man served in the air force, and after being severely injured in an airplane crash he left the military and attended seminary.  He proved himself to be an excellent pastor and teacher, but his wife was not happy with her new role as a minister’s wife. Over time she sabotaged his pastoral effectiveness, and he eventually resigned the ministry in an attempt to save his marriage.  Soon thereafter the wife divorced him anyway.  Nevertheless, he remained a devout Christian. I considered him a true man of God. When I first came to know him, he had remarried (a wonderful woman) and had a job with the Federal government.  His heart was still in the ministry, but many of his former parishioners regarded him as damaged goods.  He had not lived up to their image of saintly perfection.

All of us are capable of stumbling and falling.  When it happens, reach out with loving arms of support. 

Do not shoot our wounded.

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