I Will Never Know

Sometimes I recall past events in my life with either embarrassment or amusement.  It really depends on how stupid my behavior was at the time.

When I was 13 to 16  I ran around with a group of fellow teens.  They were good guys and girls, generally well behaved, and we had loads of fun together.  Of course, I was anxious to make a good impression on everyone – especially the girls.  I tried to appear sophisticated and always ready with a bon mot, but actually I was a rather ignorant clod.  Rapier like wit has never been my strong point.

Nevertheless, I distinctly remember one evening with the group when I established an undying reputation as a master of clever repartee.  Another member of the gang had said something which called for comment, and I searched my mind desperately for an amusing response.  Before I could get it out, someone else came out with another remark, and when I finally made my own comment the entire group collapsed into hysterics.  They actually applauded me for my brilliance and speed of delivery. Problem was, what I said was not that funny, so the reaction had to be because it was a perfect response to the second person’s remark.  I had no idea what that person had said.

Do you think that I would admit that my witty remark was a sheer accident?  No way!   I basked in my brief moment of glory. 

But I have always wondered what it was that that second person had said.  I will never know.

3 thoughts on “I Will Never Know

  1. Love it Grandad! Gotta take any wins that come your way. Reminds me of GK Chesterton, speaking of how generals improved their reputation in society: “Whenever the general could think of a clever remark, he made it, and was thought clever; whenever he could not, he said it was no time for trifles, and was thought efficient.”


  2. LOL! I’ve had moments like that! The best thing to do is to just keep you mouth shut and go with it, just as if you’d planned it that way from the start.

    This is pretty much the flip side of the saying credited to Mark Twain “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”. But in your case: “Better to remain silent and be thought a genius than to speak and to prove that you’re not.”


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