A Possible Jordan Forebearer?

I am often repetitive for purpose of clarification.  Family relationships are sometimes complicated.

As previously noted, there is evidence my family descends from a Jordan male forebearer living in southwest England in the mid to late 16th century.  Ignatius Jordan (Jourdain), one time mayor of Exeter, and his putative brother, Silvester Jordan (Jourdain) of the Sea Venture, are thought to be members of the same extended family – Jordan Group #08.. 

Another Jordan family member, Samuel, was evidently born in Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, and later he became known as the founder of the Jordan’s Journey plantation near Jamestown. Many researchers have presumed Samuel to be a nephew or cousin of Ignatius and Silvester, and Thomas Jordan of Chuckatuck, Virginia, (b. 1634) is believed to be  Samuel’s grandson.  However, the familial relationships between Ignatius, Silvester and Samuel cannot be absolutely confirmed.

DNA does verify that Thomas Jordan of  Chuckatuck, grandson of Samuel, is my distant relative, though non-DNA evidence would seem to prove that Thomas is not my direct ancestor.

Recently I became aware of information about a William Jourdaine of Lyme Regis, born 1527.  This information appears in GENi, a commercial genealogy and social website, and the specific site dedicated to William is managed by Tempie Dale Tavenner.

William is said to have been a son of Robert Jourdayne, II and

Lady Jane Jourdayne, and William’s wife was named Elizabeth.  According to the site, William and Elizabeth’s sons were named Christian, Ignatius, John, Joseph, and Silvester.  Their daughters were identified as Elizabeth Crowe, Joan Sinckler, and fnu Wackley. 

This suggests that Samuel Jordan of Jamestown may have been a grandson or nephew of  William, and another grandson (or possibly a cousin) was my direct ancestor.  Some histories state that members of this large family emigrated to the New World.

William’s father, Robert Jourdayne, ii, was born in Cheshire East, England, in 1499 and died in Dorsetshire in 1569. This means a possiblity that the presumed grandfather of William Jourdaine, Robert Jourdayne, I, may have been the progenitor of Jordan Group #08, therefore the first of our particular Jordan clan.  That would push or line back to the mid-15th century.  If Robert Jourdayne, I was not the first, he was probably not far down the line.  We know nothing more about this putative ancestor.

Of course, this is speculative – built on thin genealogical ice.   

More research is needed.   

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