Chuck Schumer has announced the Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate will begin on February 9th.

April 1st would be more appropriate.  The entire affair is an exercise in foolishness.

A conviction will remove Trump from office, but that has already been done. What earthly purpose is served by this trial?  It will further divide our nation.

Please, Senators, do not convict him. 

2 thoughts on “Foolishness

  1. Oh, the Senate is going to convict him! The Democratic party and the new administration will make SURE of that at all costs. This is their last chance to do what they’re been attempting to do since BEFORE Trump was elected; to discredit him. However to at least 50% of the American public this will only make Trump look like that much more of a Martyr and Prove to them that he was right about the Deep State. So conviction or not, this is not going to chance the minds of those that support him or those that hate him so ultimately a conviction will mean absolutely nothing.
    But it will man that the gloves have come off in American politics. Previously all incoming Presidents (except Obama) have been careful not to make personal attacks on their predecessors but Biden/Harris/Shift/Shumer/pelousi and their pet monkeys in the news media are not only launching personal attacks on Trump but are seeking Criminal Prosecution and Conviction. They would do well to remember that goes around, comes around.


  2. It is complete madness..I believe the stragedy by Demo. Is trying to prevent President Trump from running for office in next Presidential election. The trial could backfire and prove President Trumps was not the instigator of Capital riot..My thoughts.. Betty Jan., 23, 2021

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