A Beautiful Interlude

On Our Second Honeymoon

As I look back at my life, I have so many things for which to be thankful.  Among those things are stored images and memories of times past.

In September 1954 I returned from Korea.  I had been overseas or in transit a full 19 months, and my feelings of joy upon returning home are indescribable. 

I week or so following my return Ann and I embarked on our second honeymoon.  The first one, in December, 1951, had been short and wonderful, but it was constrained by a shortage of funds.  This trip was to be truly special.  We drove north to Niagara Falls, with stops in Williamsburg, Washington, D.,C., and Gettysburg along the way.  Every day was filled with new sights and pleasures of every sort, but the greatest joy was in being together again.

How fortunate I am to have such beautiful memories.

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