Believing the Best

I like to believe the best about people.  When I see some winsome character on television telling me that this or that is true, I want to believe them.  Then, a few minutes later, an equally winsome character on another channel tells me that the truth is exactly opposite from what I heard from the other person.  What do I do?

 Elizabet and Jane

I am reminded of that scene in Pride and Prejudice where Jane and Elizabeth Bennett were discussing the relative merits of Darcy and Wickham. Wickham had previously accused Darcy of petty, mean-spirited behavior of the worst sort.  More recently, Darcy informed Elizabeth that Wickham had misrepresented the facts and was himself guilty of much more serious offenses. The sweet spirited Jane Bennett did not wish to think ill anyone, and she tried to come up with some formula by which she could judge both Darcy and Wickham to be respectable men.  Elizabeth would not have it, and she informed Jane that they could only get one good man out of the two of them.  Darcy, despite his seeming arrogance and poor social skills, was the one.

Unfortunately, the truth is often more elusive.  I have no Elizabeth to guide me.

Is former FBI director James Comey a good and honest man, or did he manipulate the system in an attempt to get the goods on a newly elected President?

What about former FBI Assistant Director McCabe and former CIA Director Brennan?

Is General Michael Flynn guilty, or was he falsely accused?

Is Attorney General Barr in Trump’s pocket?

Is Rudy Giuliani, a hero of 9-11, a truthful man or a money-seeking manipulator of the facts?

Help me, Elizabeth!

Enlighten me, dear Lord.

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