In the Name of God

Every Thursday I attend a round table discussion with a group of 20-30 other men.  Any topic can be on the table, and the free flow of ideas is fascinating.  The meeting takes place at a senior center.  Some attendees are as young as 50, but most are in the 65-75 age range.

Today one of the men brought up the old saw about more people dying in the name of religion (or as a result of religious intolerance) than for any other cause. I quickly responded by asking him what faith was Genghis Khan espousing – or Hitler – or Stalin.

If one examines the historical record carefully, one finds that even the so-called religious wars were usually waged for reasons other than matters of faith.  Religion is often used as a mask for racial intolerance, desire for territorial gain, or other nefarious purposes.

True Christianity certainly teaches against intolerance and war.  Muslims appear to have a mixed message.

I doubt that I won the point.  People will continue to believe what they want to believe.


2 thoughts on “In the Name of God

  1. Yours was a reply I have not heard before and was perfect. Everyone immediately thinks of the crusades, the inquisition and Henry VIII’s destruction of the Roman Catholic Churches and priests.


    1. Well written. One observation, we as Christians don’t always practice intolerance when it come to an act of war. The Vietnam and Iraqi wars are two that come to mind. Even though religion we’re not the purpose, other imoral and/ aggregious reasons were the motives. I agree that intolerance to war should be practiced.


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