A Mediterranean Cruise

As we endured the cold of winter, it was good to think of warmer times.  In June 2018, I had the privilege of taking a Mediterranean cruise with members of my family – three sons, three daughters-in-law, one grandson, three granddaughters, one grandson-in-law, and two other in-laws.  What a motley crew we were.  Italy may never be the same.

We flew to Italy and then sailed from Rome on a Norwegian Line cruise ship.  Our first stop was the Greek isle of Mykonos.  Afterwards we sailed on to Athens, Rhodes, Santorini, Crete, Malta, Sicily, Naples, and back to Rome.  It was a beautiful ship.  There was much good entertainment, and the food was excellent.  I think everyone enjoyed every minute of the time on board.


Norwegian Cruise Ship

The shore excursions were excellent.  I particularly appreciated my visits to Athens, Santorini, Valetta (Malta), Messina (Sicily), the ruins of Pompei, and Rome.  I took the so-called easy tours, but even those were rather difficult for me.  I was always leaning on sons Eric and Sandy Jr. or grandson James for support. As I have told many people since the trip, I think we proved that Darwin’s theory of evolution is wrong.  If he was right, those Greeks living on those rocky, hilly islands would be half goat by now.

Some of the scenery was spectacular.  I was truly amazed by the beauty of Valetta and the areas around Sorrento, Italy. The natives were peaceful and did not seem to mind our incursions.  The taxi drivers are absolutely amazing.



After returning from the cruise, we traveled by train from Rome for a night and day in Venice.  I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to St. Mark’s and the almost obligatory gondola ride.  Back in Rome, we had the opportunity to visit the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican museum.  The artwork was beautiful.  As I gazed up at Saint Peter’s Basilica I could not help but wonder how many indulgences were sold to finance the construction.

It was my first (and doubtless only) visit to that part of the world.  I wish my dear wife could have been with me.  She always wanted to see the Greek isles.  Unfortunately, except when much younger, she could never have negotiated those hills.

I owe my son Harold a great debt of gratitude for making the arrangements. It was a wonderful experience, and I thank the good Lord that it was possible for me to make the trip.

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