Five Bottomless Pits

I come from a family of prodigious eaters.  Our five sons could consume amazing amounts of food.  In a previous post about camping I wrote about how the family may have closed down a smorgasbord restaurant in Pennsylvania.

Fortunately, their mother was a great cook.

My first son, Sandy Jr., may have been the most impressive gourmand.  I remember days when he came home from high school and slipped a kitchen chair up to the refrigerator so he could sit while perusing the delicacies.  That was his pre-dinner snack.  After dinner, while we were still washing the dishes, he would return for his post-dinner snack.  Two or three hours later there was the pre-bed snack.  One evening I received a late call concerning the car-pool. The phone call woke Sandy up, and he immediately headed for the kitchen.  I told my friend to please refrain from late night calls.  The family food budget could only endure so much stress.

Where he and his brothers stuffed all that food was a medical mystery beyond my comprehension.

My youngest son, Eric, is extremely fond of an all-you-can-eat pork barbecue restaurant in Wilson, North Carolina.  He will go more than a hundred miles out of the way to visit Parker’s Restaurant, and they lose money every time he stops by.  A few years ago he visited Parker’s and over the course of the meal ordered seven full-plate refills.  The waiter could not believe it.  He probably thought Eric was somehow slipping the food into a bag and sneaking it out of the restaurant.  I believe Parkers has posted a photo of Eric on their bulletin board warning waiters to “Watch out!”.

Even though their food capacities and appetites have diminished over the years, my sons still put away an amazing amount of food.  This is especially true of Eric.  If he is eating with me and one other other person and I have ordered a pre-prepared family dinner supposed to feed ten or twelve people, there is never anything left over.


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