Garbled Communications

Have you ever encountered someone who either spoke so softly or incoherently that you had difficulty understanding them?  Remember the old Dick Tracy comic strip?  There was a character that sometime appeared in the strip that they called   “Mumbles”.  His trademark was never speaking clearly but always mumbling.  This was indicated when he spoke by letters being left out of his dialog and other people often asking “What did he say?”

I once had a mumbler as a roommate.  He had been out to a restaurant the previous evening, and I asked him about the outing.  I understood him to say that they had oysters.  “Oh,” I said, “Were they stewed?”  His response was “They may have had a few drinks.”  Seeing my confusion, we soon arrived at a better understanding of what he had tried to communicate.  The upshot of it was that the place had an “orchestra”.  “Oysters” were not on the menu.


One thought on “Garbled Communications

  1. Uncle Sandy! You should have done stand up comedy! Laughed till I cried. Also thought about “close talkers”. People who get so close when they talk to you. There is an advertisement on TV that has that! Great Job!


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