The Perfect Man

I am thinking about the ongoing brouhaha about Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee to succeed Anthony Kennedy on the United States Supreme Court. The real argument is about Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy and his positions, inferred but never stated, on hot button social issues such as abortion.

Having failed to thwart Kavanaugh’s confirmation on the basis of their real concerns, his opponents have switched their tactic to character assassination. Operatives have scoured every inch of Kavanaugh’s background in search of something that would damn him in the public’s eyes and stop the confirmation process.  Suddenly, at the last moment, Christine Ford came forward with a story about an incident that occurred about thirty-six years ago.  Ford was vague on specific time and place.

The incident has been described by Christine Ford supporters as an assault or attempted rape by Kavanaugh with Ford as the victim.  As described by Ms. Ford, however, the actual event would appear to be more in the nature of overly aggressive horseplay with sexual overtones.  Christine Ford was not disrobed.  She was not struck.  She was not raped. She escaped the scene and was not pursued.  If this incident had been reported to the police, I cannot imagine that any criminal charges would have resulted.

Kavanaugh denies that the incident ever took place.  The only other person said to have witnessed the incident it also denies it.

Some of Christine Ford champions have exaggerated the purported attack all out of proportion.  They claim that she suffered post traumatic effects that finally surfaced during a therapy session in 2012 — all this resulting from a brief tussle on a bed some thirty years before?  I cannot believe that any normal woman could be that delicate and fragile.  If her life was that protected, it seems that she would have immediately reported this incident to her parents or to others.

Will we ever learn the truth?  At this point, that seems unlikely.  Perhaps Christine Ford will testify next week, but unless some sort of corroboration is forthcoming, it is doubtful that we will ever know what really happened.

I feel sorry for Bret Kavanaugh.  From all outward appearance he is a good and honorable family man.  He wins high praise from his associates, and many women have stepped forward to speak glowingly of his character.  I am not aware of any blemish in his public record.

Did Brett Kavanaugh at some point engage in unseemly behavior during his high school or college years?  Who knows? Unless there is evidence of some gross offense or a pattern or bad conduct, we should evaluate Kavanaugh as the man he is today.

Heaven help the person who is nominated for high political office in the current political climate.  Opponents will examine his past with a microscope, and even the slightest hint of imperfection will be magnified for the world to see.  Even his or her family will not be immune from attack.

This is madness!  Are we looking for the perfect man?

There was only one perfect man, and we crucified him.

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