The Mystery of Sex

As a relief from politics, let’s take a shallow dive into a delicate subject. I have always been a bit confused about heterosexual interactions, and I sometimes wonder if others are as perplexed as I am.  What do women really think of men?  What attracts them?  What repels them?  At this stage of my life […]

The Danish Sex Dynamo

For years we have suffered from the incredible volume of junk mail delivered by our carriers. Usually, after each mail delivery I stand by the trash basket and sort through the material.  Most of the items are immediately assigned to the trash, and more than half of the remaining items are discarded after examination.  Finding […]

About This and That

SEX!!!  Does that provocative word catch your attention?  It always does.  Despite any pretended indifference or aversion, all of us are interested. I had a friend who was a Sanskrit scholar.  Someone suggested he write a serious book on the subject. In order to promote sales, the friend suggested a catchy title, SEX in Sanskrit! […]