First Love

“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” I do not wish to argue with Tennyson,  but for me my first true experience with that delightful, terrible emotion called love came in the autumn, and there was nothing light about it.   My first love is hard to describe, but […]

He Loves Me. He Don’t.

  I know not whether the practice continues today, but in times past young ladies would sometimes dream of love and express their hopes by slowly picking the petals of a flower and alternately saying,  “He loves me.”  “He loves me not.” Back in the age of dinosaurs when I was a teen, I remember […]

Love and Marriage

  As a professing Christian, I look to Holy Scriptures for guidance on marriage as well as on other social issues.  Ninety years of observation also impacts my views. Nevertheless, my personal experiences are very limited, and I’m certain that some readers will consider my comments somewhat quaint and superficial. Marriage is not treated consistently […]