Song of Roland, The

In northern Spain, only a few miles from the French border, there is a mountain pass through the Pyrenees known as Roncevalles.  In the year 778 the Emperor Charlemagne was returning from a campaign against Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula.  His rear guard and baggage train was attacked and overwhelmed as it moved through the […]

Heroes and Medals

This past Sunday we celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the end of World War I.  The following day was our Veterans Day holiday.  Let us take a brief moment to think of some of those heroes who served our nation so well. On December 10, 1941, Captain Colin Kelly, B-17 pilot, took off from Clark […]

Where Have the Heroes Gone?

In medieval Europe the troubadours sang of the peerless Roland and of King Arthur and his table round, fearless warriors for truth and justice.  Next to them stood beauteous maidens, virtuous virgins without flaw or blemish. In the early days of our republic an author named Parson Weems published readers for young children.  In them […]