Good Government

This is the second of my two articles about the conservative vs progressive divide.  In the first article (Common Ground, Common Good) I discussed the differences in economic philosophies.  In this one I write of the differing attitudes about government. In many ways this issue divides conservatives and progressives even more than economics, and it […]


Unfortunately for the peace of the country, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died less than two months before a Presidential election.  Preliminary discussions regarding filling her seat on the Supreme Court are already underway. Battle lines between liberals and conservatives have been drawn, and each side is girded for conflict.  I pray there is no violence. […]

Thin Veneer

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Psalm 111:10 The veneer of civilization that protects us from savagery is very thin.  Those ties that bond us together as a society of law abiding, rational human beings are extremely fragile.   French Revolution In the 1780s France was the leading nation of continental […]

We, the People

  The following is selectively extracted from an opinion piece by Carol M. Swain,  a former tenured professor at Vanderbilt and Princeton universities, recently published in WND. We are at a historical moment where America’s institutions of higher education, many of them founded and led by Christian leaders, have rejected their founders and become transmission […]

Elections: The Electoral College

There have been frequent complaints about the electoral college and the fact that our President is not chosen by popular vote.  In compliance with the Constitution, each state receives an electoral ballot for each U.S. senator and one for each of its  representatives in Congress.  How the state chooses its electors is up to the […]

More on Democracy

During a recent roundtable a participant seemed to suggest that it was somehow wrong that far more than half of our American senators represent considerably less than half of the American electorate.  A senator from Wyoming represents approximately 600 thousand people, whereas a senator from California represents almost 40 million.  Twenty senators represent more constituents […]


Some citizens, especially those on the political left, are pushing hard for the further democratization of America.  They call for the elimination of the electoral college, popular election of the President, and further measures that would promote the concept of one man, one vote.  I am also certain that many wish to eliminate the Senate […]

The Court and the Cross

On November 27, 2018, I posted an article entitled “The Atheists vs the Cross”.  The American Humanist Association had challenged the “Peace Cross” in Bladensburg, Maryland, a monument erected in 1925 to honor men from Prince Georges County who died in the Great War.  The Humanists argued that the monument violated the Establishment Clause of […]