A Redoubtable Hadendoa warrior of the Sudan, known to British Soldiers as a Fuzzy-Wuzzy If the coronavirus shutdown continues for another month, I intend to apply for a bit-part as a Fuzzy-Wuzzy in a remake of Four Feathers.  Note:  Movie buffs will remember that epic film.  Much of it revolves around the Anglo-Egyptian military expedition […]

An Extraordinary Life

November 30 marks the birthday of one of the great men of modern history. Winston Randolph Churchill was born on November 30, 1864, into a distinguished English family. Through his father, Lord Randolph Churchill, Winston was a direct descendent of John Churchill, 1st duke of Marlborough, hero of the wars against Louis XIV of France in the early 18th […]

An Evangelical’s Dilemma

Journalists and television pundits often appear puzzled by the fact that so many American Evangelical Christians support President Trump and are very hesitant to criticize him.  To them it seems inconsistent that these people ally themselves with a thrice married, philandering, rude, and often crude individual who often engages or has engaged in behavior at […]