Camping Problems

  The names of our friends in the following story have been changed to protect them from possible embarrassment.  Otherwise, the details of this incident are as accurate as my memory will permit. In October 1973, my wife Ann and I, Stuart, Harold, Robert, and Eric joined a group of friends from our church for […]

Camping Memories

During the 1960s and 70s our family had many memorable camping experiences.  In the summer of 1966 came the first of the family’s camping adventures.  We put a trailer hitch on our car and rented a tent trailer.  We stayed one night in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, our second night near Raleigh, and then seven […]

The Missing Keys

My eldest son, also nicknamed Sandy, was born while I was overseas in Korea.  It is somewhat sad to think about it, but when Sandy Jr. graduated from high school in 1972 another war was raging, this time in Vietnam.  Sandy had a low draft number, so he joined the Air Force shortly after his […]