My Dad

On Father’s Day I posted a photograph in Facebook of my father taken when he was 22 year old.

Saunders (Sandy) Jordan


I was born in 1929, at which time my father was 56.  It was difficult for me to visualize my father as a young man.  We did have that 1895 photograph hanging in the parlor, but no one could convince me that it was my Dad.  I insisted that it was a photo of my brother Robert, Dad’s second son.  Robert strongly resembled his father.

Saunders Jordan, MD

circa 1925

As a young child I was very much in awe of my father, but I loved him dearly.  He lived until I was 28, and we were very close.  I cherish my memory of him.

The Lord blessed me with a wonderful family.

2 thoughts on “My Dad

  1. Connecting dots! If you were 28 at the time of your father’s death, had you complete college, married ,and in the army ready to go overseas? How did Dr., Jordan die, and how long after his passing did your mother live? More questions than answers!!!! Betty June 27, 2021

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  2. Do you remember how your father met your mother? His picture at 56 still shows a handsome man!!! Enjoy your upcoming trip with one of your sons. I am going to PG for short visit July 9th and 10th.Sharon is planning a large yard sale to get rid of unwanted items at PG house. She, Sharon, inherited the homeplace, but lives in Austin, TX and not able to come very often…The house is not livable at this point, as no upkeep for several years. I will stay with Jim, the cousin you met…. Hope to see you when your travels take you through VA! Betty June 25, 2021 Sent from Mail for Windows 10


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